The Colorless Rainbow

Photo by Vlad Kutepov on Unsplash

My eyes, they are closed;
But, I am able to see you..!
My memories, they are tied;
Yet, I see them making moves.

You are Red, Green or Blue,
I really have no clue.
Hovering fast in darkness,
You stay very mysterious.

Have I seen you before?
Will I see you in future?
Questions, pedaling my brain;
Sometimes you are a serious pain.

I still wonder! I still wonder!
You fetch a horse and a plane,
And you show me a flying mare..!
Amazing! Shocked! Oh, my wits..!

You showed me unseen stars,
You took me to beautiful palaces,
You made me sit with ghosts,
You made me count goats.

My dream, you are my movie,
Directed by my own thoughts.
Though I may not be the hero,
I love having you in every doze.

You little colorless dream,
You tease, please and charm.
You are doing day and night bribery,
By, pulling so much from my memory.

~Selva Kumar Arumugapandian




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Selva Kumar Arumugapandian

Selva Kumar Arumugapandian

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